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A solutions-driven community for current leaders and emerging talent in SaaS and Fintech. Providing a space to make meaningful connections, co-create to solve industry challenges and catalyse business change.

Who are we?

Strategy Supercharged is where you meet people you wouldn’t have normally met and receive support you don’t currently have. It’s a human accelerator with a think-tank atmosphere, focused on driving professional and business transformation. Our members are catalysts for change that need a core place that elevates and connects them, so they can better navigate challenges, create opportunities and accelerate their impact.

This is not an initiative. This is not a place for voyeurs. Or those that talk change but don’t walk it. It’s a place for people who understand the importance of collaboration and want to deliver real-world impact.

If you’re allergic to the phrase, “This is how we’ve always done things,” then this is the place for you.

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Why now?

 Many emerging leaders are hitting career ceilings and want to determine how best to grow.

• Many current leaders are struggling to create sustainable change within their organisations.

• The market and business landscape is changing drastically and you need ways to find opportunities and stay ahead of the curve.

• There’s a lot of noise out there - and none of it enables real connection with your peers to have thoughtful and dynamic conversations that can spur business and individual growth.

• The old playbooks aren’t working anymore (and no one needs another panel discussion rehashing the same old information). It’s vital to create and find solutions for your business needs with experts who have done it and people who are living it, too.

• Many communities and events have morphed into a place to be harassed by sales or promoted to - not helped or heard.

Meet our experts in residence

Christina Garnett


Fawn Hudgens

Content, Storytelling and Events

Flavia Richardson

Funding & Capitalisation (Debt and Equity) | Non-dilutive Funding Options

Dr Leeya Hendricks

Sustainability in fintech

Jason Bradwell


Michael Brunt

Navigating the boardroom

Nick Black

Finding PMF | Integrating AI into products | Product strategy | Leadership as a founder | Zero-to-one B2B

Paul Sullivan

Cross-functional GTM strategy

Sonia Baschez

Startup Marketing